Why Brix RCR?

Due diligence

We expect performance from business associates, and likewise our clients should expect performance from us. Our highest priority is doing all we can to protect your investments. Brix RCR will only choose business associates with proven track records and financial stability.

Brix RCR will only work with an organization that provides a good product fit. Any new products that are presented to Brix RCR will be reviewed by an independent third party comprised of experts in respective product areas.

Through the process of due diligence we will look at:

  • Flow of Funds: Accountants comb financial reports from product providers for fiscal responsibility and to ensure appropriate procedures to prevent misuse or misallocation of capital.
  • Background Checks: Principals undergo criminal background checks as well as industry reputation checks.
  • Tax Consequence: The tax consequences and liability opinions of the product are verified and any additional risks are catalogued.
  • Investor alignment.